Sunday, May 1, 2011

Physical Activity is the Key to Fitness

Colorado is firmly established as the least obese state in the U.S. It is often cited as being the healthiest state overall.

Biking trails are part of a well-rounded fitness program.
In today's Parade magazine, it was clear that exercise, not diet, is the leading cause for Colorado's enviable fitness level.

Colorado did not make the short list of states that ate the most fruits and vegetables. However, it did make the list of top five states for physical activity.

Good job, Colorado. In essence, this means the key to a healthy, fit, trim life is exercise. To me, that's great news because I enjoy exercise such as bike riding, hiking, and other forms of trail-related activities. However, I also love to eat. Oh sure, I make small concessions when it comes to diet; but in general I eat early, often, and prodigiously. It's one of life's little pleasures.

This also bodes well for other trail users. You're staying fit while having fun. In my mind, this is just one more reason why trails should be funded, built, and maintained at a higher level. They are incredibly important to the health, recreation, and environment in this country.

I'd love to hear what you think is more important to people's health:

  • exercise
  • diet


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Barry said...

Hi Kevin,

Thank's for another great blog. You continually come up with some truly great articles, all of which I get pleasure out of reading.

It is "Golden Week" here in Japan with the majority of the population on holiday. Which means millions of people out-and-about. Except me. I have opted to spend the time with my wife and relaxing.