Friday, April 29, 2011

Mountain Lion Spotted from Biking Trail

I spotted my first mountain lion (in the wild) while bike riding on the South Boulder Creek Trail in Colorado.

I swear, the blob you see in the middle of the
picture is a mountain lion... really!!
I was riding along and saw what I first thought to be two deer running through the field nearby. Then, I realized they were running too fast and decided it was a coyote chasing a deer, which was a little weird but nature is never totally predictable, so I chalked it up to an extremely hungry coyote.

On my return ride, as I was nearing the South Boulder Road trail underpass, I noticed lots of flashing lights on the road. Hmm? Car wreck, drug bust, or what?

Then, as I drew nearer, a guy told me they had a mountain lion cornered up a nearby tree. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera at the time... only my iphone. So I snapped a few pictures of a moving blob in the tree, then quickly drove home, grabbed my camera and got back to the scene (with considerably more spectators at this point) just as it was getting dark. Now, with my improved camera, I was able to get a zoomed in picture of a slightly bigger and darker moving blob in the tree. Only this blob clearly had a tail. (When Claude Monet paints fuzzy pictures, they're called pieces of art. When I take a blurry photo, it's called a crappy photo. Wazzup wid dat?)

So it turns out that what I saw earlier was a mountain lion chasing a deer. Now when I see the signs warning of mountain lions in the area, I know they aren't just bluffing. They're serious; they mean business; now I know that once every 50 years or so, I'll actually see mountain lion from the trail.

Have you had any wildlife experiences on the trail lately/ever? I'd love to hear about them in the comments below.


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