Sunday, February 20, 2011

Snapshot of trail users

happy, healthy bike rider on trail
Who are all those people using our nation's trails?

I can't give a conclusive answer for all trail users, but I can give you information about the TrailLink audience, thanks to a brief overview found on the traillink website.

* 62% of the users are male and 38% female (a bit of a surprise)

* 71% of them are between the ages of 31 & 60 years old with ages 46 to 60 being the most dominant group.

* 70% of users are college graduates (I figured the college educated group would be larger, but not that significantly larger.)

* 87% of trail users are bicyclists, 43% walkers, 31% hikers (hmmm, is there that much of a difference betwixt walkers & hikers?), and 17% are runners. (This percentage fits right in with what I've seen on the trails too, except, I always get completely confused between the walkers and hikers.)  (-:

I did my own informal "trail user poll" and came up with the following important statistic:

On any given day, out of 100 trail users, 99 of them were happy, healthy, and friendly, while one was a cranky old fart. The good news is, if I didn't keep including myself in these polls, trail users would be 100% awesome.


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