Saturday, January 1, 2011

Unite Bike Day on Oct. 2, 2011

I thought this post, on the UniteBike website, was interesting and worthwhile. I just added it to my calendar, and I hope you do the same. I like the idea of bikers uniting for a common cause. The biking community has a lot to offer the world. So without further ado, directly from UniteBike, here's the message:
Bikers Unite
Unite Bike is aiming to make a huge jump forward in 2011.  The idea behind Unite Bike has evolved from a simple personal photographic project to help promote cycling commuters in the Twin Cities area to a way for cyclists to gather together and promote cycling all over the world.
The 2011 mission for Unite Bike is to become an internationally recognized day to promote cycling.  And to do it by taking photos of cyclists – both to symbolically and physically represent why cycling is an important activity.
The 2011 official Unite Bike photos will be taken on October 2nd – the first Sunday in October.  Which hopefully will become the officially recognized international day of cycling moving forward in the future.
Unite Bike needs a lot of help to make this possible.  Right now there is a very small and dedicated team working to move this idea from a goal to a reality.  And we need you’re help.
As we get organized for the 2011 Unite Bike at any point in time – if would like to help in any way, please contact Unite Bike founder Clark Patrick here:
And here are a few very simple things you can do right now:
1.) Join our Facebook group, follow us on Twitter, take a look at more Unite Bike images on Flickr, and watch a few of our videos on Vimeo.
2.) Help us spread the word. — Write a blog post about Unite Bike.  Contact someone from a media organization that can do a story on Unite Bike.  Start to organize cyclists in your own cities to get ready for Oct. 2nd.  Tell other people who care about cycling to reach out to us with any ways they might be able to help.
3.) Think about a way you or your organization might be able to sponsor, partner, or promote the Unite Bike mission.
4.) Take ownership over Unite Bike.  This is an idea… a movement…. an ideal…. for you.  Unite Bike is clearly and simply meant to unite us all around something that we care about and that is an important step forward for humanity.


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