Friday, December 31, 2010

New Bike Rental Service Solves Big Trail Problem

Okay, my trailsnet Velolet bike inventory
isn't quite this big, but maybe someday...
I travel all over the country in search of great bike trails.

The trails are easy to find. They're nearly everywhere and expanding each day thanks to organizations like American Trails and Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. And, since I've started, there are now many fantastic trail locating websites like Everytrail, trailsnet, trails, traillink, Map My Ride, Ride With GPS, etc.

But there are still some logistical problems for those of us who enjoy exploring new trails. Among these logistical trail concerns are: finding trailside lodging, finding trailside dining, finding trailside bike repairs, finding trailside bike rentals....

Hold on just a minute. We can now cross that last little dilemma off the list thanks to a new website called Velolet offers local bike rental options, provided by local people & businesses. That alone is reason for celebration. But it just keeps getting better. I was elated to see that they offer a wide selection of cycling options including... wait for it... recumbents.

Those of you who read my posts know that I love trying out new human-powered means of locomotion. I don't own a recumbent (yet), but I love renting them when the opportunity arises. Unfortunately, until now, the opportunity has not arisen very often. I'm hoping that as more people begin listing with Velolet, there will be more options. And who knows, maybe Velolet will also add categories like Trikkes, Elliptigo, velomobiles, etc. The more choices, the merrier.

And this is doubly good news for you bicycle junkies. Not only can you rent bikes while you're on the road, you can also rent out your own bikes. Velolet has made it extraordinarily easy to list your bikes with them.

I was so impressed by Velolet, I immediately added three of my own bikes to their inventory of bicycle rentals. So feel free to rent one of my bikes today. Of course, my Velolet username is trailsnet... What else?


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