Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Segways on the Trail

When I  headed for Glenwood Springs, CO, I had no idea I would discover a whole new mode of trail transportation. All of my previous trail website entries, Twitter tweets, blog posts, and Facebook information covered biking, hiking, inline skating, trail running, and horseback riding. I just assumed this covered it all. With the exception of variations such as recumbent bikes and tandem bikes, I figured I would continue to add posts that covered only the five activities listed above.

But after a beautiful Amtrak train ride to Glenwood Springs, and a brief bike ride on the Rio Grande Trail, I discovered a new form of trail transportation.

We rented Segways from Glenwood Adventure in Glenwood Springs. Then, for two hours, all five of us explored the Glenwood Canyon Trail on these amazing gyroscopic conveyances.

Everyone agreed that the Segway adventure was the highlight of the weekend. And it was a truly magical Father's Day weekend. We had a nice train ride, enjoyed Glenwood's Strawberry Days festivities, swam in the Glenwood Hot Springs, and enjoyed some fine meals.

But as I said, the Segway outing was the highlight of a great weekend. If you're lucky enough to find a place to rent Segways, check to make sure they are legal on the trail you choose. Not all trails allow Segways since they are considered "motorized transportation."


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