Sunday, June 6, 2010

Coal Creek Trail in Louisville, Colorado

Colorado's Coal Creek Trail is near and dear to my heart. Why just yesterday I used it to walk into "old town" to get a cup of coffee. It was an unusually busy day on the trail because parts of it were used for a 5K & half-marathon running race. It was perfect weather for a foot-race but even better weather for a short hike into town.

Coal Creek Trail runs through the communities of Superior, Louisville, & Lafayette, CO. The trail is 6.2 miles long and, as its name implies, it follows Coal Creek. It is appropriate for hiking, running, bike-riding, and dog-walking. It is truly a multi-use path with a mix of sun and shade.

It passes through a historic homestead in old town Superior, CO. In old town Louisville, CO it provides easy access to a dog park where canines can enjoy off leash frolicking. In Lafayette, the trail winds along the creek and ends near the border of Lafayette & Erie, CO. Eventually the trail will continue into Erie and will tie into the Rock Creek Trail to provide a lengthy circular path.

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