Monday, March 15, 2010

Staying healthy while traveling

For some people, a vacation is for relaxing. Whether that is sitting on a deck chair beside the pool, lying on a beach, or lounging around their hotel room, these same people often enjoy "vegging out" at home, too. Maybe it's because they're too busy working or maybe it's just in their nature.

Either way, don't use vacation time as an excuse for inactivity time. Make activity part of your daily routine when on a trip. Exercising in the hotel recreation room is one way to do that; but a better way is to get outside and enjoy the local offerings.

In a 2007 New Zealand study, vacationers recorded their feelings/mood each day. According to the results, "Travelers with more active schedules who packed their days with [activity] claimed higher contentment levels than those who lazed for hours on end."

So don't just "hang around" while on vacation; ride a bike, go for a walk, swim, ice skate, or rent some inline skates. Not only will you feel better, but you'll look better and see some places you'd have otherwise missed.


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