Monday, October 17, 2011

Big switch coming up

I would like to send a big thank you for those of you who are signed on to follow the trailsnet blog. I appreciate your support & following.
Like the good trail leaders that we are, we'll try to keep
you on track as we make the big switcheroo. Thanks for
your patience and persistence.
I will soon be switching the trailsnet blogspot blog over to WordPress. I'm not quite sure whether your RSS Feed (followship) will be switched over with the big swap. If I had to make a guess, I would say not. In fact, I'm worried that quite a few things will have to change, whether I like it or not.
But the change is a necessary one to keep (start) the blog and website running more smoothly since my website host works with WordPress but not Google (Blogspot/Blogger).
The favor I would like to ask of you is to continue following trailsnet, even if it means signing on w/ the WordPress feed. I want to keep the loyal trailsnet followers as we move into this new era at trailsnet.
There will be more information forthcoming. In fact, I've already written a WordPress blog entry explaining the 3-step process of transforming
As always, your comments about this issue are welcomed below.



Anonymous said...

I'll be sure to make the switch. When does the deal go down?

trailsnet said...

Good question Steve. The rest of the trailsnet site has been down for over a month while I'm waiting for the switch. I'm hoping for it to happen by the end of the day tomorrow, but we'll see.