Saturday, June 4, 2011

Celebrate National Trails Day

trails are for everyone
Today is National Trails Day! Since 1993, we have celebrated the first Saturday in June as National Trails Day.

If it was up to me, this day would trump every other holiday. We'd launch fireworks, open presents, eat turkey, and hide trail eggs. But it's not up to me, so how about I just provide you with some National Trail day links instead of all that other aforementioned stuff:

These are but a few of the awesome organizations celebrating National Trails Day.

But you can have the mostest bestest National Trails Day of them all. Just pack up your colorful eggs, tryptophanic turkey, obnoxious fireworks, and pretty presents & hit the trail.

Don't forget to let us know how you celebrated National Trails Day!


1 comment:

Barry said...

This is awesome. Pity other countries don't follow your example. The feeling I am getting here is one of compassion, in the way you guys feel about your great-outdoors and, like myself and many others, you don't take it for granted and respect the environment you are in.

Although I can't be there personally to celebrate this great day, I will be there in mind and, as a mark of my respect and appreciation for you all, will have a toast in your honour (make that two).