Friday, May 13, 2011

Trail Notes = Stay Found

I often expound upon the safety virtues of trails, and it's true that they are usually very safe places to ride your bike, hike, ride your horse, inline skate, run...

But even trails have their potential hazards. Thundershowers happen; people get lost. The best laid plans of mice & men sometimes go awry.

I started thinking about all this as a result of a comment (Thanks Barry!) regarding a recent blog-post on the trailsnet blog. Within a minute after reading a comment about the importance of letting someone know where you're going on the trail, I came across a Twitter Feed for a website/company called

At Trails Note, their motto is "Get there. Get back. Be safe." It's succinct and to the point. And TrailNote has an online alert program to help you achieve your goal of trail safety. The program allows you to:

  • Give your trip details.
  • Set your trip time and date.
  • Select your return time and your contact list.
  • Mark your location.
  • Go on your trip.
Okay, technically you don't need an online program for that last step. But TrailNote seems like a promising application to take trail safety to the next level. And best of all.... It's FREE!!

So visit, login, and check them out. Because it's important to (Here comes another TrailNote motto.) "Protect your adventure today!"


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