Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Santa Fe Regional Trail in Colorado

Palmer Lake, Colorado
A biking trip along the New Santa Fe Regional Trail is an extremely unique trail experience. Oh sure, you'll see the usual beautiful trail sights such as flowers, deer, streams, and trees. But what other trails offer you views of the enigmatic Air Force Academy chapel, football stadium, and perhaps even jets & gliders directly overhead?

New Santa Fe Regional Trail
 Then add in the views of Pikes Peak and the prospect of continuing your ride on the lengthy Pikes Peak Greenway, and you may have one of the top rail-trail experiences around. The trail starts in Palmer Lake, Colorado and goes through the beautifully forested grounds of the Air Force Academy all the way to Colorado Springs. From there you can turn around and ride back to where you started or continue for another 16 miles all the way to Fountain, Colorado.

trail overpass near Air Force Academy
Eventually, this trail will be a part of the Colorado Front Range Trail and continue all the way from New Mexico to Wyoming. In the meantime, this is a great time of year to take a bike ride or walk on the New Santa Fe Regional Trail.
sandstone bluff

nearing Pikes Peak Greenway


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