Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Interesting biking quotes and trail wisdom

"... more patents issue on bicycles than anything else."     - David Pressman in his best-selling book "Patent It Yourself" by Nolo Press

Who knows what great ideas you might
discover the next time you're on the trail?
Even when I'm reading non-trail and non-biking books, I find information about biking. It goes to show how popular bicycles specifically and non-motorized transportation in general is becoming. And is it any wonder? Have you taken a look at the price of gasoline lately?

Here's another trail-related quote from the same David Pressman Patent book:

"To discover something you've never seen before, walk the same path you walked yesterday."  - R.W. Emerson

Once again, it does not surprise me that some of the world's greatest writers, inventors, and creative geniuses got an immense amount of inspiration and innovation while walking or riding their bikes. Albert Einstein famously stated, "I thought of it while riding my bike."

In my mind, the best reasons for hitting the trail are exercise and relaxation. But hey, if you happen to discover the cure for cancer while wandering along your nearest footpath, that's just icing on the cake.


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