Friday, April 22, 2011 features great deals for bicyclists

Happy Earth Day!!

In the words of Queen, "Get on your bikes and ride."

We want to send a big thanks and congratulations to all the students out there who participated in the "Ride to School Day." It was a bit windy here on the Front Range of Colorado, but I still saw plenty of participants on their bikes.

On the subject of bikes, I wanted to send a big congratulations out to the crew at
It's a great website along the lines of, but it's specifically geared toward cyclists.

The sign up procedure for handlebargains couldn't be easier. I just signed up, and it took me, literally, seconds. Now I look forward to getting notice of great bicycle-related bargains sent to me via email. I'm a big fan of the social bargain websites, but this one is especially exciting because it will have products near and dear to my heart.

If you're a cyclist, handlebargains is the site for you.


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