Wednesday, March 16, 2011

trailsnet wins its third award in a little over a year

Just a couple days ago trailsnet announced its nomination for the "Stylish Blogger Award."

trailsnet wins another internet award
Today, American Trails announced that trailsnet won the award for the best "Personal Site" (relating to trails) on the internet.

No, these awards don't involve red carpets, acceptance speeches, or limo rides. But they're pretty darned special nonetheless.

It is especially gratifying to win an award from American Trails because it is such an important and influential organization.

So now both the trailsnet blog and trailsnet website have won awards. But much more important than that, trails are starting to become more and more important in American society, so people are starting to visit trail-related sites to get information about hiking, equestrian, running, inline skating, Trikking, and biking trails. In the long run, this will be very good for our country as people start to get in better shape and to rely less on automobiles.

So many thanks to American Trails for this latest award. Trailsnet will keep producing an awesome trail website that is useful for active travelers and hometown trail users alike.



Kirsty said...

Excellent! Well done! You deserve it. Congrats!

Kirsty said...

Excellent! Well done! You deserve it. Congrats!