Thursday, March 3, 2011

Trailsnet blog merges with trailsnet website

The title of this blog post is also a link to the trailsnet website homepage. Click on it to see what happens...
Find the best trails in the world,
right here on your computer.

... I'll wait.

Surprise. Look familiar?

This blog is now also the homepage for, the trail locator website.

And this time, it actually works!! I tried this same move a couple months ago, with no success. This time, it actually took hold.

Admit it, the old home page for the trailsnet website was pretty boring. So I merged the path less traveled with the spectacular (If I do say so myself.) trailsnet blog, and voila... I present to you, the new and improved trailsnet home page.

To find the trail descriptions for trailsnet, just click on the "Locate trails by state" in the navigation bar near the top of the blog page and you'll still be able to find pictures, descriptions, and maps of your favorite trails. It's the best of both worlds.



Anonymous said...

Hello there,

This is a message for the webmaster/admin here at

Can I use some of the information from this blog post right above if I give a backlink back to your site?


trailsnet said...

I'm curious how this new format for the blog and website is working on other browsers. I know it is working fine on Safari.
If you have experienced any difficulty navigating from the blog page to the rest of the trailsnet website, please let me know by sending a comment or email.

trailsnet said...

Hello William,

It depends what information from the trailsnet blog you want to use.
Please provide me w/ more details.