Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Trails are starting to get more attention!

I love it!!
Extra, extra read all about it!! Trails making the front page!

In today's newspaper, there were four trail-related news articles and two trail-related letters to the editor.

Trails are starting to make the news. I'll admit that not all the stories are positive, but as they say in show biz: Any publicity is better than no publicity.

Examples of some of the trail topics for today were:
  • "Greener Car Care: Ride Your Bike More Often"
  • 15- Second Pitch for a biking business called "Bikerpelli Sports"
  • Letter about a professional biker who got busted for using an illegal/unsanctioned trail
  • Letter about the possibility of opening portions of a hiking trail for bikers
  • On the front page of the newspaper: "Trail-use Decision Nears: City Council to vote on Plan for Management"
  • Also on the front page: "Pro Cyclist Ticketed for Using Illegal Trail"
This is just for one day. Trails are big news and that's how it should be. 


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