Tuesday, February 1, 2011

River Mountains Loop trail in Nevada

Bike trails, water trails, outdoor adventures...

These aren't phrases that people normally associate with Nevada. But every time I go there, I find a new outdoor adventure.

One time it was a crazy downhill mountain bike course in Bootleg Canyon. Another time it was a relaxing kayak trip through the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, replete with hot springs and caves.

River Mountains Loop Trail near Las Vegas, Nevada
But most recently, I had the opportunity to ride the 34 mile River Mountains Loop trail in Boulder City, Nevada. Not far out of Las Vegas, this paved trail offered desert wildlife, views of Lake Mead, and plenty of outdoor exercise. Heck, it even offered a Vegas-style buffet within yards of the trailhead.

Of course, my trail adventures are never complete until I post them to the trailsnet website, the Everytrail guide book pages, and the trails network blog. If you're wondering which format is the best way to view one of the many trails I've got posted online, here's a quick primer:

  • The trailsnet website lists all the trails, by state. Each trail web page has a written description of the trail, numerous trail photos, a trail map, and "trail facts" sidebar for quick trail information at-a-glance.
  • The EveryTrail guides offer all of the above with a couple differences; the Everytrail guides can be downloaded to your smart-phone (iPhone, Droid...) so you can take the guide with you on a trip without having to pack along a printed version. The guides are also interactive so you can access related web-links and view the map in various forms while you're on the trail.
  • The trails network blog gives a very general overview of trails, but also provides information about other trail and bike-related issues.


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