Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Let's Move... Outside... on a Trail

Let's MoveI am so pleased by the "Let's Move" organization sponsored by First Lady Michelle Obama.  They had a recent function in Keene, NH. At this function, they talked about healthy eating, a new recreation center, the Early Sprouts Gardening Center, and even Safe Routes to School.

What surprised me though, was that there wasn't any mention of the incredible rail trails that start right in or near the town of Keene. These would provide kids with activity, vitamin D from the sun, and a great outdoor experience... for absolutely free.

Two of my favorite rail-trails, the Cheshire Rail Trail and the Ashuelot Rail Trail both start in Keene, New Hampshire. They are beautiful, long, and even historic. So how can you go wrong when you combine community, with exercise, with sunshine, and history. It sounds like a great mix and a great fit for the Let's Move organization.

Of Course, I will be contacting them with my thoughts and ideas. I would love to see the Let's Move program embrace trails. It's a great project that can be even better!


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