Thursday, January 27, 2011

Trikkes are good for paved or cement trails

Trikke Skki
Today's post is from our human powered vehicle files.

I had the pleasure to spend last weekend in Las Vegas trying out the full line of Trikke vehicles. This included the Trikke Skki, the Trikke Pon-e, and the full line of Trikke carving vehicles.

Trikke hybrid electric/
body powered vehicle
We started the Trikke Academy up near Mt. Charleston outside Las Vegas where we had the opportunity to carve the snows of Ski Las Vegas on the Trikke Skki. It was an absolute blast coming down the hill on this 3-ski toy that is quite easy to learn and very stable. I would say that a complete novice to skiing or snowboarding could learn to operate a Skki within a couple hours and by the end of the day, could be bombing the hill on their own. It has a much faster learning curve than skiing or snowboarding.
Trikke T78 body
powered vehicle

The Trikke Pon-e is a hybrid vehicle that combines electric power with human power for a smooth and enjoyable ride. Depending on trail regulations, it could handle most multi-use trails with few problems.

The Trikke human-powered, three-wheeled carving vehicles are a little more difficult to learn, but are fun on roads, paved paths, and parking lots. They definitely require some lessons and practice to really master, but they are a good work-out and a lot of fun.


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