Sunday, December 12, 2010

C & O Canal Towpath trail guide published

Bike trails are a dime-a-dozen, right? I mean they're all over the place; this one's three miles long, that one's five miles long. If you've seen one, you've seen them all.

bike rider on the
C & O Canal Towpath trail in Maryland
I dare you to ride the C & O Canal Towpath trail and say that. This one is truly unique:
  1. It's over 180 miles long.
  2. It has more historical significance than your average trail.
  3. It starts in a big town, ends in our nation's capital, and has some surprisingly remote countryside in between.
  4. The C & O trail probably has more campgrounds than any other trail in the world.
  5. C & O Canal trail users can connect with numerous other major trails including the Appalachian Trail, the Billy Goat Trail, the Western Maryland Rail Trail, and the Great Allegheny Passage trail.
Now, to make it even better, there's a guide for section one of the C  & O trail(Georgetown, D.C. to Brunswick, MD) that you can download onto your smartphone (iphone or Android for example). The guide supplies users with a trail map, photos, points-of-interest, camping/lodging suggestions, and lots of great advise for negotiating the trail. And it's a lot easier than lugging around a big old guidebook. I mean, admit it, you were going to bring your cell phone with you anyway. You might as well splurge for the $1.99 and get the guide. Where else could you buy such an awesome, helpful guide for less?


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