Saturday, December 25, 2010

American Trails Needs Your Help

Whether you donate out of Christmas spirit or to get a 2010 tax break, a donation to American Trails will go a long way toward a lasting legacy of family fun, environmental assistance, & healthy habits. Oh, and one more thing, with your donation, you get a Trail Tales book that just happened to adorn my stocking on this fine Christmas morning.

Part of American Trails mission statement is as follows:
We advocate on your behalf - for more funding and for keeping trails open. As a free service, we host and provide access to theWorld's largest online resource for planning, building, managing, enhancing, funding, protecting, and supporting trails and greenways at We connect you to state-of-the-art trails training and provide information about trails throughout the country. We are making a difference!

So now might be the best time to consider donating to American Trails. It's tax deductible, & it goes for such a good, long-lasting cause. A little bit goes a long ways.

Merry Christmas to everyone and, as always, Happy Trails!!


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