Friday, October 29, 2010

Poudre River Trail near Greeley, CO

As always, I started the day feeling rushed.
A fall bike ride on the Poudre River Trail that runs
between Windsor, Colorado & Greeley, CO
I don't have time for a trail ride." I thought.

But then, I did a little survey of the things I "had" to get done for the day.

Other than a few quick chores all of them could wait.

On the other hand, it's almost November, and we're not going to get many more nice trail days. So I said, "What the heck," or something like that, and loaded my bike on the car.

I had biked the Poudre River Trail, starting in Greeley, Colorado back in the spring, but I didn't finish the ride due to trail construction delays.

After about an hour drive, I started my ride near Windsor, Colorado. Once I was on the trail, I was glad I decided to go for a ride. There were just enough other folks on the trail for an occasional friendly greeting, but not enough to feel rushed or crowded. The weather was cool but not cold. Half the time I wore long sleeves, then I shed them and enjoyed the light breeze.

This time, I started my ride in Windsor, Colorado and rode east. It was a terrific ride, and now I can't wait until they get the eastern portion of the trail connected to the western portion that now runs through part of Fort Collins, Colorado.

Let me know what your last great ride for the fall is. Winter is almost here, so let's share our final trail stories.


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