Monday, October 25, 2010

Ashuelot Spooktacular Halloween trail in New Hampshire

The Keene Pumpkin Festival is over, alas, but the Halloween spirit is still alive in Cheshire County New Hampshire.

As I revealed in my Halloween Trails blog a couple weeks ago, some of the New England rail trails are perfect for spooky bike rides and enchanting hikes. One of the very best halloween-themed rail trails is the Ashuelot Rail Trail that runs from Keene, NH to a ways beyond Winchester, NH.

The trail follows the Ashuelot River and goes past some pretty thought-provoking graveyards, abandoned mills, and downright scary sights. In addition to the permanent fare, such as cemeteries and haunted factories, I was creeped out by a ferocious looking dog. I'm pretty sure his name was Cujo. Fortunately, his bark and vicious looks were worse than his bite, and I escaped w/ a rapidly beating heart, a bruised ego, but no actual attack from the aforementioned demon dog from Hades.

I'm sure there are other spooktacularly haunted trails slithering throughout the kingdom of ethereal delight. But I need your help in finding them. I've given some suggestions in the Halloween Trails blog linked above. But w/ All Hallows Eve rapidly approaching, I'd love it if the trailsnet blog readers would share some other hauntilicious trail suggestions.


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