Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mineral Belt Loop Trail Guide now available on Everytrail

A few days ago, I wrote about the great experience I had on the Mineral Belt Loop Trail in Leadville, Colorado. It was a beautiful trail, on a picture-perfect day, with fun friends.

Well since then, I've created a Mineral Belt Loop Trail guide on I've briefly described these guides in the past, but the more I work with them, the more convinced I become that these trail guides on Everytrail are the best trail development to come along in years.

Nearly everyone has a cell phone these days, and many cell phone users now have smart phones. And to take it a step further, most of us who have the technological do-it-alls are now in the habit of taking them with us on the trail. They're great for staying in touch with each other and they are indispensable in an emergency.

They're also good for:

  • games if you get bored
  • a flashlight if you're caught out after dark
  • checking email, facebook, twitter, etc.
  • music, if you're so inclined
  • texting if you want to stay in touch w/ that special someone
  • etc.
But now, they're more than just a convenience. In the case of the Everytrail app., they may be your map and guidebook all crammed into one little efficient bundle. But the Everytrail app/ guides are even better than a regular printed guidebook because they're a lot small, less messy, and much more inclusive and interactive.

If you plan on venturing out to a new trail, you can't go wrong with one of the Everytrail guides. They'll provide you with pictures to help you decide if you want to take the trail, show you a map with the exact route once you're on the trail, provide you with crucial information about the trail route, and give you tips about trail landmarks. They may tell you about a historical location, a hotel, a restaurant, or even a bathroom or drinking fountain.

And you can't go wrong with the price. Whereas a normal printed guidebook may cost you  over $10, most of the Evertrail trail guides are only $1.99. They allow you to choose the exact trails you want as opposed to a book that may have numerous trails you'll never need.

Don't get me wrong, I still like printed guidebooks, and I hope you do too. But the Everytrail guides are a nice way to get just what you need before you head out to explore that new trail.


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