Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall colors are almost here -Find fall foliage information

If you've only seen fall colors from the seat of a car, then you've missed the true pleasure of fall foliage at its finest.

Autumn glory trail
Just like my experience w/ 4th of July fireworks, I was beginning to tire of the traditional viewing of "the changing of the leaves."

That was until I discovered the pleasures of viewing the annual foliage display from the seat of a bicycle. The difference was amazing. It was much more relaxing, and I saw so much more of the subtle details in the annual autumn colors. It was peaceful and quiet and I saw something new with each bend in the trail. I was free to stop wherever I wanted without fear of being rear-ended.

Now, I truly believe that you haven't seen autumn foliage until you've seen it from the perspective of a New England trail or midwestern path.

If you're interested in viewing the colors of fall on one of the many United States trails, your first stop is to visit this national fall colors website.

Once you have found out the location of the prime foliage viewing, visit a trails locator website such as to find the ideal autumn colors path. You will never look at the fall leaf show in the same way, once you've viewed them from the peaceful perspective of a perfect path.


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