Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another blog about Denver B-Cycle

Sorry to keep blogging about the Denver B-cycle program, but I read an interesting article today...

Let me take a step back:

handlebar mounted bike ringer
I have been pleased to see the latest push for free and cheap bicycles available to locals and tourists in major cities around the world. But some people have been less pleased about the development. Just like some politicians say that "trails are a waste of money" some other politicians complain that the bike sharing programs are a waste of money and a (I'm not making this up.) United Nations plot to advance their communistic agenda.

Well, it turns out the bike share programs are a raging success. In fact, the only problem seems to be in keeping up with the growing demand for the bikes. And as far as critics who worry about problems w/ the program, it seems that the biggest problem so far is broken bells.

That's right, broken bells. I guess some people get a little too gregarious w/ their bell-ringing finger.

This is just one more piece of evidence that the new bicycle culture is here to stay.

So grab a bike and hit the trail, my friends. If you don't have a bike to grab, find a bike share program in your area.


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