Sunday, August 22, 2010

Should Segways be allowed on trails?

Okay, readers; here's a tough question.

Should Segways be allowed on trails? An article by American Trails shows a recent ruling by a federal judge that says that Segways aren't in the same category as wheelchairs, so in essence, the answer appears to be, "no!"

I can certainly see the reasoning behind this ruling, but I've also got to admit, I've enjoyed riding Segways on trails in the past. They are motorized, and I'm not a big fan of motorized vehicles on trails, but they're also different than most motorized vehicles. For one thing, they're a lot slower than motorcycles and ATVs.
I would also guess that, in addition to being safer, they probably don't cause much trail damage, either.

So, I'm curious what you think. Take the poll in the right hand column and send in any comments. I'm torn between my previous experience on Segways (positive) and my previous experiences w/ other motorized vehicles on trails (negative).


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