Friday, August 13, 2010

Rockingham Recreational Trail in New Hampshire

For active travelers, the Rockingham Recreational Trail is probably the most readily available of the New Hampshire rail trails. Due to its proximity to Manchester, New Hampshire's largest town (and airport), the trail is a cinch to access.

The trail is accessible year round, but for bikers, we are coming to the best season of all. I rode this trail in late September last year, and the temperature was perfect. Unfortunately, it was a bit early for fall colors, but it was absolutely gorgeous, nonetheless.

The foot traffic  was moderate near Manchester, but I enjoyed plenty of solitude after just a couple miles on the trail. Expect to see lots of water, trees, and small critters. There are a couple places to stop for refreshments, but in general the trail is fairly remote, so make sure to bring along water, snacks, & emergency supplies like rain gear and a basic tool kit.

bridge on Rockingham Rail Trail
If it looks like rain, bring along a shower cap to put over your helmet. It looks dorky, but keeps you fairly dry in minor rain showers.

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