Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sit-Up Cycles

I was just introduced to a whole new world of bicycling when I visited a blog called Sit-Up Cycle.

Not only did I learn about a great new category of cycles, but I also learned about a movement for liberalizing helmet laws. Some people are in favor of eliminating the mandatory helmet laws for certain groups of cyclists. Part of their argument is that the mandatory helmet laws may discourage some people from cycling and that isn't a good thing when we're trying to encourage as many people as possible to ride bicycles as an alternate form of transportation.

Another topic discussed in the sit-up cycle blog was bike share schemes. I am truly amazed how this concept has blossomed in the past few years. It seems that nearly every major city has come onboard w/ this great idea.

And finally, I learned that, although they aren't exactly the same, there are a number of different names for what I call a cruiser bike: Some other names include sit-up cycle, comfort bicycles, and shopping bikes.
Any way you look at it, there is definitely a movement to make bikes more comfortable and more accessible to the general public.

Good on ya mate!!


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