Monday, July 5, 2010

Poudre River Trail closing

It's Greeley Stampede time which means rodeo, corn dogs, carnival rides and ....

...trail closings. The east end of the Poudre River Trail, in Greeley, Colorado, is closed for two reasons.

First, the annual Greeley Stampede takes place right at the eastern terminus of the trail. So there's a big ol' gate at the very beginning of the trail.

Then, if you think you're clever and find a way around the gate (easy if you go through the dirt parking lot), you'll be stopped by another barricade a couple miles up the trail. And this one is serious. Oh the barricade is easy enough to get around, but the demolished trail over a ditch is another matter.

Bottom line ... If you're going for a bike ride or hike on the Poudre River Trail, start at the west end in Windsor, CO or start at the Rover Run Dog Park off of F Street in Greeley, CO.


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