Sunday, July 11, 2010

Boulder Cruiser Ride

Every Thursday during the summer & fall months, a unique but fun-loving group of folks get together for a little exercise and a lot of fun.

The Boulder Cruiser ride, in the terminology of Steve Martin, is a wild and crazy bunch of bike riders out for some two-wheeled excitement. Each week has a different theme. This weeks theme is "Roman toga ride."

Wow - now that's what I call a great combination... bikes and togas.

Some upcoming themes include:

  • Christmas in July
  • Circus ride
  • Undergarment ride (you gotta admit... you're curious)
  • zoo ride
  • I love the 80s
  • marathon ride
  • pirate day
  • trailer park trash ride (Who said Boulder was always politically correct?)
  • glow ride   ?????
  • cruiser jam
If you think I'm just makin' this stuff up, visit to see for yourself.


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