Saturday, July 24, 2010

Black Hawk Bike Ride

Ooooooooohhh!!!  I stuck it to the man today.

Okay, it was an extremely minor "stick it to the man," but a SITTM nonetheless.

As I've mentioned before in this blog, there's a ban on bicycle riding in Black Hawk, Colorado.

Well guess where I rode my bike today. Woooo Wooooo!

Actually I started my ride in Black Hawk, CO (take that, MAN) and ended in Louisville, CO. Door to door, it was about a 50 mile ride. No biggy for some of you hard cores out there, but a borderline butt-kickin' ride for me.

I don't normally like riding on the road. If I had my druthers, I'd stick to all trails. But every once in a while, I've got to see how the other half of bikers live.

There was a super wide shoulder on highway 119. Then, I took Gap Road which was mostly gravel, not a great idea on a road bike, but not too bad. If you want a good workout, I suggest both hwy 119 coming out of Black Hawk (uphill big time) and Gap Road. Gap Road is steep up, then down, then up, then....

Once I got to Twin Spruce Road, it was mostly downhill.

Then I got to highway 72. It's a busy road on weekends and there's no shoulder. Rushing Roulette we'll call it.

Highway 93 doesn't have much of a shoulder either and it's extremely busy all the time.

Why am I sharing all this? Maybe just to show all you road bikers that I'm willing to risk my life on your roads. Now it's your turn to try some epic trails. After my experience today, I can't imagine you going back to roads.


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