Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cheshire Rail Trail

Just like that crazy disappearing cat in Alice in Wonderland, the trail map for the Cheshire Rail Trail in New Hampshire was quite invisible up until recently. Somehow the trail description, trail information, and trail pictures got posted, but the map was absent.

Well it's there now thank goodness. The two trails near Keene, NH are both fairly difficult to find even though one of them starts in the middle of the town.

I wish I would have had access to the maps located on when I was in New England.

All the trails there are great ... spring, summer, & fall. They may be difficult to locate, but they're well worth it.

The Cheshire Trail starts out w/ a bang as you immediately cross a beautiful stone bridge that overlooks the river & valley. And if you're riding it in the summer, it provides you w/ ample shade and a couple good refreshment stops.

So by all means, visit and check out New Hampshire's Cheshire Rail Trail.


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