Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day Bike Ride

If your mom likes the great outdoors or is inclined to being active, I would like to suggest a bike ride or hike for Mother's Day this year. After all, the best gifts you can give your mother are health, happiness, and time with you.

Here are some trails you and Mom might enjoy:

Chief Ladiga in Alabama
Pikes Peak Greenway in Colorado
West Orange Trail in Florida
Silver Comet trail in Georgia
Munro Trail in Hawaii
Route of the Hiawatha trail in Idaho

Click one of the links below to find biking trails and hiking trails by state:

Alabama trails
Colorado trails
Florida trailsGeorgia trails
Hawaii trails
Idaho trails
Louisiana trailsMississippi trails
Montana trails
New Hampshire trails
New Mexico trails
Virginia trails
Washington state trails
Wisconsin trails
Wyoming trails


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