Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Boulder Creek Path is going to the dogs (in a good way)

Boulder Creek Path is a great trail for hiking, biking, and inline skating. But it seems like the trail is especially useful as a dog walking path.

During our most recent volunteer stint at the Boulder Valley Humane Society, we took a very active dog, named Red, for a walk on the Boulder Creek Trail (Path). Everyone benefitted from the outing.

We all got our exercise. We all got fresh air and sunshine. One of us got to poop beside the trail, but I'm not naming names. And we all ended up with smiles on our face the entire time.

Normally, I recommend trails in this blog. And I won't hesitate to sing the praises of the Boulder Bike Path. (I know I keep giving it a different name, but that's because everyone in Boulder calls it something different, so I'll please them all by calling it by all its names.)
But I'm also going to recommend volunteering for the Humane Society. If you are reading this blog, you probably like trails anyway. So as long as you're on the trail, why not take along a pooch. They'll love the exercise and frolicking on the trail; and by extension, they'll love you.

For more information on Boulder Creek Path, an excellent dog trail, bike trail, & people trail visit this link.


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