Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ammonoosuc Rail Trail in New Hampshire

While in New Hampshire, I overnighted in Manchester, Keene, and White River Junction (okay that one's in Vermont, but barely). After spending just a few minutes in Littleton, I wished I had booked a night (at least) there. It took me quite awhile to actually find the Ammonoosuc Rail Trail, but I had a great time looking. First I spent some time at the shops on the main street in town. There were lots of fun little snack & souvenir places. Finally, I found an information booth manned (or in this case womanned) by a friendly young lady who sent me three towns away, to the cog railway in search of the Ammonoosuc Trail. Turns out she was wrong, but it was a nice little drive.
Then, when I got back to Littleton, I talked to someone in Littleton Bikes & Fitness, and he told me how to find the trail. So, as I wandered down to the river on my way to the trail, I found even more interesting and enjoyable places to visit. Miller's Bakery had some incredibly good food to eat "in house" and even more to take on the trail. The cookies were "to die for." In addition to good food, they had great views of the river.
Another fun attraction on the way to the trail was the "old" covered bridge. Actually, it just looks old but was built in 2004. Either way, it was pretty and served the extremely useful function of getting pedestrians like me across the river. And once I got to the other side, I started my ride, right. Wrong!! They were having a farmer's market beside the river with more local foods and crafts. By this time, I was getting anxious to hop on the trail, but I couldn't resist talking to a few of the vendors and, of course, buy a few more snacks.

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