Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Longleaf Trace Bike Trail in Mississippi

If you are bilingual, you may know that tres + tres = seis;

However, if you are bikelingual, you should know that Trace + Trace = fantastic biking.

I just had the opportunity to ride the Tammany Trace Trail in Louisiana & the Longleaf Trace Trail in Mississippi. They were both incredibly peaceful and enjoyable trails with lots to see and do.

It was a yin and yen type of trip that started w/ me eating lots of delicious cajun food in New Orleans, then balancing that with four days of biking on the two rail trails.

I spent two days on each of the trails and stayed overnight in New Orleans and Covington, LA then Hattiesburg and Prentiss, MS. To find out more information about the Mississippi & Louisiana trails visit where you will get trail statistics, pictures, and trail maps.


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