Sunday, April 4, 2010

List of biking essentials

Spring is here and not only are your muscles a little rusty, but so is your memory. Each year you forget some essential item for your bike ride until you get back in the routine. Here's a series of lists. Of course it depends where you're going & for how long, so I assembled a series of lists depending on the bike trail, the length of the bike ride, and your purpose for riding:

Must have every trip:

  • bike
  • helmet
  • water
  • sunscreen
  • sun glasses
Strongly suggested most rides:

  • snack
  • emergency cash
  • bike light (front & back) (required by law in some places)
  • camera
  • padded shorts
  • bike repair kit
  • spare tire or at least a patch kit
  • pump
  • cell phone
  • GPS (might already be on your phone)
Remember I said you might have sort of a rusty memory this time of year? Well that applies to me also, so please let me know what I forgot.


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