Friday, March 5, 2010

What to take on your bike trail trip

Okay, spring is nearly sprung and we're all itchin' to hit the (hopefully not so) dusty trail. I understand your enthusiasm, but slow down little buddy. Take a few minutes to prepare for your bike trip. Let me make a few suggestions for you to take on the trail:

  1. well-tuned bike w/ storage onboard (seat pack or panniers or handlebar pack)
  2. sunscreen
  3. sun glasses
  4. helmet
  5. water
  6. weather protection (depending on forecast and local conditions you may need sweatshirt, windbreaker, shower cap to put over helmet [see my article in May 2009 Budget Travel magazine], gloves)
  7. snacks (nuts, energy bar, fruit)
  8. $
  9. bike repair kit, pump, spare tire
  10. optional items that I usually take include cell phone (w/) GPS & bike light (front & back)


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