Sunday, March 28, 2010

Caribou cross-country ski trail

I know most of my posts are about bike trails.

Well this post is different... or is it?

I had the good fortune to help lead a group of girl scouts on a nordic ski trip to Caribou, Colorado. Caribou is a ghost town near Nederland, CO. I had just skied this trail a couple weeks ago, and it was mediocre and deteriorating fast.

Not this weekend. It was fantastic. There was just enough new snow to make it enjoyable. And it snowed lightly (heavily for a very short while as you can see in the accompanying picture) for about half the trip. It was a winter wonderland ... in spring.

For those of you who are disappointed that this isn't a bike trail blog post, I've got good news. In the summer, this trail is a mountain bike trail. You share the trail with 4WD vehicles, but if you go up on the weekdays, you may not have to share it with anyone.

To check out my  review of the Caribou Trail near Nederland, Colorado, visit


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